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24 April 2010 @ 01:47 am
One Sentence Challenges  
I've decided to compile all the sentences run-on paragraphs that I've done for challenges; and from here on out I'll continue to add more of these sentences to this entry.

Warning: this entry will contain adult themes (sex, violence, what have you). Ratings from G to NC-17, and I don't own Bleach. If I did, there'd probably be an overwhelming amount of naked boys and girls.

Prompts given to me by gypsygrrl420  and xglimpsex
You can tell that these were my beginnings with one sentence challenges, as they're very short, lawl.


The trees in the garden of Kuchiki Byakuya's estate shed pink blossoms with the cool breeze of night, and when he lay back on the grass under a man with dusky, silvery hair and ice-cold skin, it felt as though that petal shower was actual winter snow.


The blue-haired Espada grinned in the shadows, his icy eyes turned to slits as he watched the other sprawled over their messy futon, long strands of blood-red hair strewn across a plush object; and Grimmjow had often wondered if he could take that pillow and smother the 6th division lieutenant, forever robbing him of his next breath. 


Akon slipped a thin strip of fabric around Shuuhei's slanted eyes, the material stained red with the 9th's own blood; a small smirk upturned the corner of his mouth as he watched the slighter shinigami tremble, the glowing light of toxic-green jars scattered around the lab skulking along his bruised and emaciated form.

bleach_muses, White Day Challenge: 


The agreement they had come to was tarnished when the scarred, 9th division vice-captain discovered that his scientific liaison was not only a liaison between the two of them, but between the horned shinigami's captain as well; and with the pain of that new, undesired scrutiny he gathered his uniform in his hands, dressed himself with a quickness that threatened what was left of his dignity, before leaving Akon without another glance, let alone any spoken word.

*Incase this one seems confusing, it's referring to the surveillance bacteria that Mayuri put inside of Ishida in the manga. Akon has the same bacteria inside of him too. ;)


When Starrk learned that Grimmjow Jeagerjaques was alive and well in Soul Society, he went to the man and found him piping hot with a blistering ire; and under a moonlight that they'd long since gotten used to, in a place of trees they had no experience with, he claimed the other Espada desperately, calling to a strength and purpose that he did not posses the day their pack fell away -- hoping for the restoration of what the two of them had lost.

Kazeshini, Kensei/Shuuhei

Kazeshini couldn't decided what was worse, having to watch his pathetic excuse of a wielder slave away over meaningless paperwork and newspaper articles -- burning with a rapt fervor for mundane bullshit to forget his asshole of a captain -- or having to watch his pathetic excuse of a wielder being fucked within an inch of his life by the other asshole of a captain; he concluded that the former was worse, because maybe with someone like big Silver around to challenge him, Shuuhei would finally man up and stop being such a fucking pussy.

bleach_muses, Gypsy's Birthday Challenge: 


The foul, acidic stench of cigarette smoke was not foreign to Kurotsuchi Mayuri -- what was alien was the budding feeling that such lingering scent on his third-seat's person was becoming more and more pleasant as their years together progressed, the nicotine's strong odor building a rousing layer upon Akon's flesh, much like the 12th division captain used for himself with paint; he'd promptly put a stop to such a sordid reaction the moment it made itself known, slapping Akon hard across the face so that his cigarette was knocked from his mouth, before telling the younger man with a disgusted sneer to not smoke while in the laboratories, and to wash himself more thoroughly in the future so as not to cross-contaminate their research.


Upon first meeting, Grimmjow had thought that fuck-face would have been the most unprofessional captain of them all -- that dirty innuendo stamped on his cheek was there for a reason, wasn't it? -- but much to his disappointment the shinigami turned out to be the complete opposite: a too proper tight-ass, though that in itself wrung plenty of chuckles and foul-mouthed comments from the blue-haired Espada; one particularly crude retort seemed to snap the captain's official facade, leaving it splintered like the broken bones of a prey animal inside the mouth of its killer -- and Grimmjow found himself reaping the benefits of his vulgar remarks, glimpsed a flash of tightly grit teeth, heard a barely contained hiss, and then felt the abrupt pang of razor-sharp metal against his cheek, slicing his skin in such a mouthwatering way that he didn't hesitate to pounce, eyes gleaming with predatory intent and teeth bared.

*I know that this sentence is a little different from the original I left at the community, but I can't stand it when I have repeated phrases in more than one sentence. Here I had "that was until," the same as in one of my KenShuu sentences. So being the control freak that I am, I edited it and ended up changing more than I intended to to make it work... Sawree.


Grimmjow had always preferred being apart from the group, for many reasons, though the strongest that resonated in his mind was that the more there were, the more chance there was of losing out on his prey; but once the Primera had helped him in chasing down a certain tattooed captain -- appearing suddenly in front of Hisagi, grabbing hold of the shocked looking man with a sleepy smirk while Grimmjow approached from behind -- he realized that hunting with someone else (and just being  with someone else) may not be so bad after all.

Solitude [version II]

He'd never spent time with Starrk before this, never bothered to know the other Espada on any level beyond that of dismissive acknowledgment -- he was a solitary cat, after all, and he didn't crave companionship the way that the pathetic Primera craved it -- but now he thinks it ironic, as they sit together on some building of Seireitei, Starrk watching the moon and Grimmjow watching Starrk, the forlorn wolf and independent panther bond together for survival in a new, hostile land; but even still he's loathe to accept such camaraderie, however vital it may be, and he lets the other Espada know it by spitting a vicious "Neutered dog, don't ever look to me for anything. You're on your own out here, and I couldn't give a fuck what happens to you"; and when Starrk glances at him beneath dark lashes -- the look of his blue eyes tired but with an underlying hint of sharpness, an infuriatingly soft smirk curling the corner of his full mouth before he turns back to the moon, acting as if the Sexta never said anything at all -- Grimmjow growls like a rabid animal and yanks the other man closer for a bruising kiss that stings of desperate (and unsuccessful) rebuttal.


Halibel knew that while staying at Urahara-san's shoten it would be impossible to do anything without the enigmatic man knowing; but that didn't stop her from seeking the red-haired Nova in the dead of night, from crawling over him as he lay prone on his futon, staring at her with aquamarine eyes like her own but with considerably paler flesh and cheeks burning as brightly as his hair -- and as she pushed his hood back slowly before unzipping her own jacket, revealing both of their faces to themselves and no one else, he didn't seem to care about keeping secrets either, surging up to meet her mouth with a sweltering desire.


She'd never liked the cat-like qualities of Grimmjow Jaegerjaques; had always been repelled by his invasive and distasteful behavior: then shortly after the Winter War she came into contact with another feline, one whose supple form moved with a sensuous sashay instead of an overpowering prowl, whose playful grin was paired with coquettish, golden eyes in place of an all too eager smile and belligerent gaze -- and whose voice curled along a kittenish tongue in a delicious purr, instead of grating like a guttural yowl; said purr would morph into an undulating mewl when Halibel held the other woman in her lap, lush, mocha legs astride her curvaceous hips, nails akin to elegant claws racking through bleached-blond hair as the former Espada teased a dusky nipple with lips, tongue, and teeth.


As Kira sat opposite Ayasegawa in the soaking tub -- warm water licking lazily at pale and naked flesh, the dim flicker of lit lanterns stringing the walls of an otherwise empty bathhouse ­-- he wondered how the other shinigami would look when he curled his hands around that fair throat and forced him under, holding him down in what would soon be his watery tomb; how unfortunate for Ayasegawa-san that he was not a fish, Kira thought, with a cloying smile as he eyed the other man's bared neck beneath a tipped back head, feather-adorned lashes shut as if he were already dead.

He did it out of disgust, but in the end he'd been even more disgusted with himself for having not succeeded: for nearly a year they'd had to watch their emperor succumb to the rulers of distant lands, those outsiders having united to bring down the last surviving dynasty; not only did they seek to smother an old era, but they sought to desecrate the emperor himself, to force themselves upon him. . . Kira was repulsed to see the man sink so low, even if it was to protect his people as he so claimed. . . he also could not deny that he was green with envy, to know that foreign kings touched where he'd never been able to; and so he'd taken matters into his own hands in the form of a blade to smite the emperor, only to be caught before he could accomplish the deed -- now he stood with his arms tied around a post as he awaited his execution, worn, blue eyes staring coldly at the emperor whom he tried to kill; the man looked beautiful in his oriental robes (the way that shedding trees during autumn before the death of winter looked beautiful), raven hair long down his back, pale violet eyes humorless and sacred: he'd taken the executioner's dagger for himself, and Kira leant close at the man's approach, uttering one final "I hate you" against his emperor's ear, even as he inhaled deeply the scent of sweet lavender and some exotic spice; there'd been tension in Ayasegawa-sama's slight form at Kira's words, and then the blond felt the sting of metal swipe across his throat, a surge of blood erupting from the wound before he sagged lifelessly.


The raven-haired Kuchiki had eyes of tempered steel, mistakenly flat at first glance unless by rare luck emotion overtook them, awakening their dark depths as if lightening had struck, brightening coal-gray to near silver, the way that such a thunderbolt would brighten the moody clouds of a stormy sky; it was not only his eyes that resembled steel but his nature as well -- the Primera Espada had quickly assessed -- as outwardly cold and rigid as a metal blade; and Starrk knew what it was to crave love, knew what it was to share such a vital feeling with a certain red-haired lieutenant, knew what it was to recognize that Byakuya-san needed the same as them no matter how desperately he tried denying the fact: so if Kuchiki Byakuya was to be a steel blade then Starrk would be the hammer and anvil used for the arduous task of shaping metal to perfection, while Abarai Renji would be the molten fire, igniting the blade with such heavy heat that it was left weakened to the hammer's will.


If he would have known exactly who it was he'd been saving from a hollow, who it was who'd been reborn in the human world, he might have let the hollow devour what it was after--but he hadn't known, and now he stood stock-still in silent shock, pewter eyes wide as he stared at the silver-haired boy crouched at his feet; it seemed that even in this new life things were no different, as a bloodied face revealed itself to his shaken gaze, what he knew to be sanguine eyes shut while the boy grinned happily, before reaching out to run small fingers over Byakuya's zanpakutou, collecting a handful of blackened hollow blood. 


In the beginning he'd blamed the others for steering the brat away, for taking their jokes too far, for provoking the young, newly-appointed captain into more spars than really necessary, especially when more often that not it ended up being his one against two or three of them; that was until Lisa had looked up from her dirty manga, fixing him with a level, faintly annoyed, and possibly even contemptuous stare, while calmly informing him that he had sabotaged himself, that all along the kid had been waiting for him to incite a battle of their own -- the fight that was a hundred years overdue -- and that they'd overestimated his ability to catch onto their attempts at rousing such an event, stubborn, piss-for-brains idiot that he was.


At first Kensei had been against the idea of not shaving simply because Shuuhei thought it might suit him: "Stubble is for old men, kid," he'd told the younger man, only to have the mouthy little shit respond with a small smile and a smoothly executed, "But you are old, Muguruma-san" -- Kensei had wiped that smile clean off the brat's face when he dragged his cheek over a sensitive inner thigh, his silvery, five o'clock shadow rubbing pale skin red-raw with irritation; Shuuhei didn't seem to mind in the least, though, having been reduced to throaty groans and gasps, writhing wantonly beneath the grinning Vizard.

Kensei/Shuuhei [past imp. Kensei/Kaien]

When Kensei discovered the photos of Shuuhei from the kid's academy days, the first thought he had -- aside from that of an undeniable satisfaction at seeing that his boy had his mark, even then -- was that the brat's hairstyle was eerily similar to that of Shiba Kaien's; oddly long at the nape and short around his face, as black as a midnight sky without the moon: the corner of the Vizard's mouth twitched faintly, from a frown or a smile he couldn't be sure, his amber-eyed gaze tired and with a barely discernible hint of wistfulness; and his next thought, crawling within a mind that throbbed with a dull, dull ache? -- relief that Shuuhei had shortened his hair.

bleach_muses, horusguard76  and xglimpsex  Birthday Challenge:

Shuuhei, Kazeshini

His zanpakutou had the black face of a cardinal, and the outlining red, along with the sharply angled nose that was so much like a beak, and the crowing laughter. . . but still there wasn't enough red (in Shuuhei's opinion), not like the actual bird. . . and that's the thing that drove him as he chased the spirit through the wood -- silent, deadly, his dark eyes unblinking, even as wind whipped around him so tears burned in the corners; when Kazeshini miscalculated and Shuuhei appeared directly in front of him, the scarred shinigami smirked faintly in triumph before he uttered a soft, "Caught you, little bird," and swung his scythe skywards, cutting his materialized zanpakutou up the middle and drawing forth a wave of crimson from the man's quaking, obsidian body.

Kensei/Shuuhei [AU]

Shuuhei pinched the hood of his parka closer together, trying to fend off the bite of icy winds as they whirled around him, the flesh of his face prickling with the cold; he'd come to the isolated region of Russia in search of a man who'd been sent there in exile, and just when he thought that his quest would be fruitless (he'd already been out there for two weeks, at the least) he spotted something in the impacted snow at his feet, something that fluttered violently against the howling gales -- dropping to his knees he flung the frozen sleet aside with gloved hands, cupped what looked to be a head and pulled it towards him, saw the face of the man he'd been looking for, flushed a deep red and very, very close to being frostbitten... Shuuhei didn't waste any time in hauling Muguruma -- a still breathing Muguruma, thank the fucking gods -- from what would have been his snow-encased coffin, realizing that whatever it was in the sky had heard his prayers, because how else had he spotted the man's hair when it was as white as the blizzard raging around them?


The netting of her shark hadn't been strenuous in the least -- not for a woman as patient as Unohana Retsu -- and behind closed doors she learned how to regulate and divert that flow of energy to their mutual satisfaction: when she dipped her tongue in the groove of a sun-kissed spine, cupped full, reddening breasts, and then smoothed her hands over a silken stomach to test the wet heat between Halibel's thighs; the blond would quiver like the rippling waters of an ocean, and Unohana took her time kneading that wave -- controlling the swell with practiced ease until it broke with a cry, their skin slick and hot beneath a phantom sun, and the taste of ocean-salt pricking kiss-swollen lips.

Shuuhei/Ichigo, Grimmjow, Renji

It was just his fucking luck knowing assholes like Renji and Grimmjow, who for the last five minutes had been hooting and hollering like a pack of damned hyenas because it'd just slipped out that Ichigo had yet to kiss someone: the substitute shinigami was ready to break a few heads, even if it was in a crowded nightclub, especially when the blue-haired bastard grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back -- but before he could tear that arm off and beat the ex-Espada half to death with it, he felt another set of hands cup his neck, and then a hot mouth against his own, taking full advantage of his vulnerable state -- and the eyes that stared into his own wide gaze when they broke apart belonged to none other than Hisagi Shuuhei, a soft, soft smile on the brunette's scarred face as he murmured, "There, now they can move on, yeah?"


Ayasegawa is prettier than any scantily clad woman Kira may have glimpsed in one of those pinup magazines, and prettier than any Rukongai whore that he may have fucked in his spare time: with ebony hair that has long since passed his shoulders, done up in a lazy twist atop his head, lacquered pins holding it in place while rebellious strands frame his fair face; Kira makes sure to scrutinize the other man beneath furrowed brows, pale blue eyes attempting to show Ayasegawa that he finds the entire thing to be sickening and beneath him -- because really, woman's lace underwear, in a warm coral color that sets off the man's flushed, dewy flesh and dark hair? -- but the 5th seat just smirks at him knowingly (patronizingly), his lightly rouged lips looking as if they've already been abused by Kira's biting, vindictive kisses.

Grimmjow, Shuuhei, Akon

The best thing about real world missions, Grimmjow had concluded, was the effect modern day culture had on Hisagi Shuuhei -- especially now, as he watched the 9th division captain sway above him, gyrating on top of the bar, a blunt pinched between his fingers and smoke spilling from a lazily upturned mouth; too many "beers" -- a Western drink they'd recently discovered -- and too many shotgun kisses shared between the scarred shinigami and Akon, who was currently sitting beside Grimmjow and watching Shuuhei with dark amusement: yea, moments like this were like little whispers of Hisagi's true self, the blue-haired Sexta determined -- little whispers drifting on the sound of heavy bass from worn speakers, both hauntingly lonely and ravenous in their eagerness to escape the withdrawn shinigami.

bleach_muses, July '10 Challenge
This week the community decided to do sentences based on themes instead of words :) 

Mayuri/Yoruichi [kink: Pegging]

Mayuri glared furiously at the yellow-eyed woman, his mouth open wide in a murderous sneer as he struggled to get free from his restraints: he lay sprawled on one of his own lab tables, his wrists bound together above his head, and his feet fastened to a pair of regretfully sturdy stirrups; Shihouin merely grinned at him, her eyes hooded heavily as she let her gaze roam, looking at him from head to bared toe -- his hakama and fundoshi were gone, and his kosode and captain's haori were open to reveal dark, scarred flesh -- before she took hold of both his hips and pulled him down to the edge of the table, eliciting a wide-eyed stare as she pushed his legs apart and rolled her lush hips suggestively, calling his attention to the strap-on appendage (the source of which he would discover later, and make sure to punish the cohort savagely) that she positioned at his entrance, while clicking her tongue and winking coquettishly. 

Starrk/Lisa [imp., unfulfilled Starrk/Halibel]

You weren't expecting such a reaction when you decided to tell the raven-haired Vizard about the woman she had fought at the battle of Karakura Town; you weren't expecting the strange, minute twist of her mouth as you said (with a low, worn out voice that was directed at the reddened dirt beneath your feet) that it was the first (and last) time that you ever saw the Third's mouth. . . her eyes are hidden behind the glint of her glasses, and she doesn't say anything as she steps closer to you and leans up, to press her lips to yours in what would seem to be a casual, unapologetic kiss: for a moment you are frozen in shock, but once you register the feel of it, realize for the first time what it is to have the soft strength of a woman's mouth against your own, you don't hesitate to cup her face and kiss her even harder -- to close your eyes in agonizing regret as you try to fill the third hole that was gouged in your chest when all chances of kissing Tia Halibel were torn from your grasp. 

Shuuhei, Akon, Mayuri

Shuuhei stands stiff-backed in a dank, foul smelling laboratory and struggles to withstand the inspection of his now eyeless socket by cold, powdery fingers: the horned gigai expert is lurking behind his painted captain, slowly rolling three, slimy eyeballs between his fingers as he grins around his burning cigarette and holds one of them up for Shuuhei to see, asking if the 9th would like to take this opportunity to "upgrade" his admiration; the newly scarred shinigami is stunned silent by the vibrant, amber color that is being presented to him, and Akon laughs a raspy, throaty chuckle while Kurotsuchi Mayuri glances at the eyeball, and then at the tattoo on Shuuhei's cheek, before snorting derisively and beginning to grin manically, eyebrows furrowed over gleaming, malevolent eyes as he mutters about how that day had been the best of his life because he'd "finally been rid of that unbearable man". . . Shuuhei grits his teeth behind tightly clasped lips, and he thinks that falling into such a dysfunctional setting such as this (that having these two to occupy the void that so many refer to as "family"), is exactly what the sickness inside him deserves.

Kira, Rose [past imp. Gin/Kira]

He is more like the captain whom you still mourn (and despise, though you are not sure who you despise more: him, or yourself) than you would have liked, with his flamboyant, jaunty ways; with his complete inconsideration for personal space and time that should be spent alone: you attempt to tell yourself that despite those little things he is nothing like that silver-haired horror, that his clothing is too gaudy, that his hair is too long, that his jaw is too big, that his nose is too big -- but when he leans over your shoulder while you write another of your many despairing haiku, having thought that, for once, the exasperating fool had finally left you alone so that you could fully immerse yourself in your misery -- when he leans over you, and smiles, and tells you to sing your haiku aloud, you are reminded with excruciating lucidity of Gin, and the way that he had grinned at you with false (so very, very false. . .) delight whenever he had caught you writing. 

Grimmjow, Yoruichi, Ulquiorra

Grimmjow thought it was bad enough being strung up by his feet from the ceiling, with his hands bound behind his back and the blood rushing to his fucking head, but it only became more infuriating when she showed up, her silver-heeled stilettos drumming deliberately as she sashayed her way across the hardwood floor, in that damned skintight, patent leather suit. . . he watched with a scowl and a sneer as she draped an arm over the slim shoulder of their raven-haired rival (not that they were allies, but if he had to choose between a fellow cat and a scrawny, stale-as-week-old-bird-shit bat, he'd go with the former any day), and after a few minutes of frisky yellow staring down devoid green, the blue-haired captive finally lost his patience and told the stupid bitch to quit flashing her tits and fucking cut him down, because trying to charm that guy was about as good as trying to charm a comatose reptile stranded in the Arctic -- he was also about to tell her that she could rock those trashy hips his way, because he, for one, wouldn't mind licking the cream from that saucer; but before he could get it out he heard the crack of a whip, and then he felt the sting across his cheek and the warmth of blood on his flesh; and if he hadn't been upside down (and busy shouting a string of vicious profanities), he might have noticed the rare flicker of analytical scrutiny in ordinarily vacant (and, oddly feline) eyes.

Halibel/Unohana [mentions of Starrk and Grimmjow]

Months ago, before and during the war, the three of them would have scoffed at the lives they were living now (except, for maybe, Coyote Starrk), but in spite of that here they were, sharing their new leases on life with the last people they would have ever expected: Starrk had easily fallen into a comfortable routine between the 7th and 13th divisions, having found an unlikely friend in Ukitake Juushirou, and a surprisingly likely companion in the strange Komamura Sajin; Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez she could not be certain (because she preferred to think that he did not exist at all), but she had seen him keeping company with numerous divisions and their shinigami, and she hadn't been surprised in the least because despite what he liked to think about being a solitary feline, of all the Espada he had been one of the few with multiple fraccion; and as for herself. . . the 4th had been the division to welcome her, with their kind but intimidating captain, whose presence was like a vast ocean -- the ocean for which the shark had needed all along; the warm, inviting, powerful sea that would wash away the suffocatingly dry, desolate desert of her past, that would wrap her up in slim arms and kiss her in the dark with briny sweetness.

Kensei, Shuuhei

Kensei sat silently still -- with long legs set widely apart, his elbow perched on the couch's armrest so his broad fist could support his jaw -- as he watched, from the corner of his eye, the slighter man beside him: Hisagi was just as quiet and motionless as the Vizard, light reflected in his dark eyes from the television in front of them, and the silver-haired exile was contemplating reaching out, to touch that hair or those scars, when suddenly the kid turned towards him and beat him to it; placed rough, pensive hands on either side of Kensei's waist, running them upwards slowly over taut, thick bands of muscle, before he leaned forward so his forehead was touching the place where their shared emblem lurked, through the jersey material of Kensei's shirt.


Sitting cross-legged on a boulder, with muscular arms laced one over the other across his chest, Grimmjow watches with engrossed anticipation as the Hat uses what he had called a "Tenshintai": for weeks the Sexta had been able to smell the thing inside of his captain like a burgeoning forest fire, and the redolent aroma of such feral energy mixing with the scent of Hisagi's sweat-slicked, come-soaked body while Grimmjow fucked him raw had been too much, and the blue-haired Arrancar had needed to put a face and voice to that searing tang -- when the moment of reveal finally comes, he isn't at all disappointed with the flurry of charred flesh that is framed hotly by blazing red, alluding to a blistering lava that is bubbling up from the spirit's very core to seep from the cracks in molten rock; Kazeshini surveys his new surroundings quickly with flashing blue eyes, before he settles his gaze on a pair of analogous cyan, grinning in such a savage way as to mirror Grimmjow's own cutting smirk, before he howls excitedly and hurls himself at the blue-haired Arrancar with twin sickles whirling (but, not without being under the vigilant gaze of his wielder, who watches the violent scene unfold with darkening eyes, reddening cheeks, and a quickening heart).

Dark Fic
Akon, Starrk [prequel to Dead Fic]

He enters the glass enclosure and walks forward with his hands held inside his pockets (and with his teeth gnawing away at his cigarette, almost as if they're in a race to chew it into oblivion before it burns to ash), and the sudden swell of overhead lighting is blinding in comparison to the heavy, viscous shadows from outside, begetting a version of the man crouched in the middle of the room that is all the more unsettling -- naked; scarred beyond recognition; arms bound behind his back and his head hanging down, with dark, wavy hair shrouding his face like one final, useless attempt at protection from all external forces -- and Akon reaches out slowly to lift the Primera's ashen face, revealing Coyote's left eye that was stitched closed after having the eyeball removed yesterday, and he watches with a sinking heart as the ex-Espada smiles lifelessly and murmurs, "At least I'll be with her soon."

Dead Fic
Akon, Starrk

Akon ignores the frigid burn of silently enraged blue eyes that glare at him from across the laboratory, and instead focuses his attention on the cold, mutilated corpse that he is holding in his arms -- he eases what's left of Coyote's body into one of the containers his captain made specifically for the conservation of the 12th's specimen, and then he shuts his eyes and tips his head back, drawing deeply from his cigarette and holding the acidic smoke inside of his lungs, as he fills the floor-to-ceiling flask with ghoulish preserving fluid.

Tatsuki, Matsumoto

Being separated from the rest of the group is enough to make her heart pound erratically as she runs through the sleeping streets of her town, and she thinks that if the white-eyed monster didn't already have an uncanny knack for finding her and her friends (no matter how much distance they had tried to put between him and themselves), that the sound of her internal panic would easily give away her location; but all those fears fly out the window when she stumbles across the golden-haired woman from before, collapsed in the street and bleeding profusely from a wound on her chest: Tatsuki doesn't hesitate a moment to maneuver her slim arms around the woman's narrow waist, before she pulls the unconscious shinigami into a nearby building with all the careful attentiveness that she can muster, trying her hardest not to aggravate the woman's injuries any more than they already are. 

Prompts given to me by awesome LJ friends ♥: 

Some Kensei/Kaien for ms_legerdemain 

Kaien might have taken the time to ask (or laugh, with a smile) if Kensei had done it on purpose, or he might have wondered exactly what the wad was that the silver-haired man was chewing on (and so smugly, too); but instead he was more caught up in yanking the -- now exiled Vizard -- closer by the soft jersey material of his shirt, and sealing his lips to a warm pair that tasted of sweet spice.

If someone had asked him (weeks prior to this moment) which Shiba he was more inclined to fuck, he would have said Kuukaku over her brother any day: she was strong, had a brash, no-shit attitude much like his own, and wasn't so bad on the eyes (he also knew that a woman of her caliber was more than prepared to handle a man such as himself in bed) -- so color him surprised to have the other Shiba under him, Kaien's large hands pawing at the soft ground, ripping at grass in tandem with Kensei's powerful thrusts, their groans, pants, and raspy cries hanging from kiss-swollen mouths as opaque mist in the crisp night air.

Nel/Nnoitra for butterflygirl_3 

It was their skeleton in the closet, so to speak -- his acceptance of her dominant power whenever they were alone, yowling and hissing and groaning every time that her powerful hips would cant over him, working his lean body for all its worth; with little consideration for what he thought (or wanted) -- probably because she knew he enjoyed it, fucking loved it, especially when she'd close her delicate hands over his throat, as a threatening prelude to the possibility of actually dying mid-fuck: their secret, and his hatred, because he really couldn't stand that the self-righteous bitch dwarfed him so easily; and that's why every time he saw her after she'd spent him, he tried his fucking damnedest to cut her viridian-haired head clean from her shoulders.
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ms_legerdemain: byakuya kuchikims_legerdemain on April 26th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)

Just posted a stack of sentence fic myself. :p Now I can entertain myself reading yours, eeeexcellent.
ms_legerdemain: shuuheims_legerdemain on April 26th, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
Your Kira is so delightfully distrubed, I love it. I also adore all the Shuuhei in this, and the Shuuhei/Kensei. I snickered a lot at Grimmjow referring to Shuu as 'fuck face'. I also loved the Kazeshini perspective on Kensei/Shuuhei.

The Grimmjow/Starrk/Shuuhei was marvellous; though you may have detected by now that I have a tendency to consider anything involving Shuuhei marvellous. :p Still, it conjured up some mental images which will hopefully propel me through an afternoon of study.

I also really like the idea of Kensei/Kaien...it intrigues me...*happy pondering*

Damnit, now I'm going to be distracted from my uni readings all afternoon. Oh well. xD

Oh, and if you're seeking prompts, then how about Kensei/Kaien, 'Unexpected'.

Please no m-preg. :p
feeding on the corpse you left behind: renji LOLblood_crow on April 26th, 2010 05:27 am (UTC)
Lol it's actually kind of amusing for me because in all honesty, Shuuhei isn't a favorite of mine. That might have something to do with the fact that I see him in abundance these days... it's almost like Shuuhei overload for me. But a lot of my LJ friends adore him immensely, so I include him to please them :) I'm glad that you liked the sentences with him!

I'm also working on an official Kensei/Kaien fic, as they've become my new favorite. So of course I'm incredibly pleased that you gave me such a prompt XD


If someone had asked him (weeks prior to this moment) which Shiba he was more inclined to fuck, he would have said Kuukaku over her brother any day -- she was strong, had a brash, no-shit attitude much like his own, and wasn't so bad on the eyes -- he also knew that a woman of her caliber was more than prepared to handle a man such as himself in bed; so color him surprised to have the other Shiba under him, Kaien's large hands pawing at the soft ground, ripping at grass in tandem with Kensei's powerful thrusts, their groans, pants, and raspy cries hanging from kiss-swollen mouths as opaque mist in the crisp, night air.
ms_legerdemain: shuuheims_legerdemain on April 26th, 2010 06:45 am (UTC)
*falls of chair*

Guuuuh. Thankyou. ♥ That was delicious. And very in character. I'm incredibly pleased to hear there's an official Kensei/Kaien fic on the way, because I think they might just be my new favourite as well. :p That said, I'll go for almost anything involving Kaien.

Tehe, I don't know where my Shuuhei love comes from, it just happened one day and I'm going with it. You're right, he is getting quite a lot of attention at the moment...Kaien needs more love. He's so charming, yet he's almost completely ignored most of the time.

Kaien/Byakuya FTW.
@#¤%: shuu suckfigaro_figaro on April 26th, 2010 06:35 am (UTC)
First off, a prompt:

Shuuhei/Ichigo - soap

Second: Damn, one-sentence fics are so nice! And I don't have the time to read all of yours carefully (plus I gotta admit sometimes I've trouble reading pairings I don't like) but the ones I've read so far here are really good. You're very good at writing long sentences without overdoing it. :) <3

Oh, and the fact Kensei called Shuuhei 'his boy' made me fucking melt, but maybe that was to be expected.

Edit: lol first thing I see when I post this is that you're tired of Shuuhei, so how about twisting it and go for Kensei/Ichigo instead. After all they did hang out a little during Ichigo's training.

Edited at 2010-04-26 06:37 am (UTC)
feeding on the corpse you left behind: kaze-fucking-shiniblood_crow on April 26th, 2010 07:22 am (UTC)
Don't feel obligated to read all of them, especially if it's a pairing you don't like! I just happen to be the type that gets into pretty much any pairing, so long as it's well written and remains IC. And the longer I follow Bleach the more characters I seem to like, so my writing has expanded into new ships :)

Lol, I'm glad you liked that! Now I distinctly remember that your own fic had Kensei calling Shuuhei his boy XD It's a nice nickname, no doubt.

Well if you really want Shuuhei I'm happy to do it for you! Whichever one you prefer, it's all good ;)
Butterz: Sex(ta) |Grimmjow Jaegerjesus ~ Bleach|butterflygirl_3 on April 26th, 2010 06:37 am (UTC)
Guh. I love these bb. You've got all my favourite boys here. I can hardly recommend any more pairings and prompts for you. I particularly liked seeing Nova again! That was a pleasant surprise. He is one of the best things to come out of Bleach filler. So undervalued.

I really loved Kaze's perspective on Shuuhei and Kensei. I miss him. :_; It was hillarious. And anything involving Starrk, Grimmjow or Renji is amazing.

But, I do have some pairing requests now that I come to think of it. Namely:
Shinji/Urahara ~ 'Similar'
I love this pairing, and I swear I must be the only one that does. I will crusade for them.
Nel/Nnoitora ~ 'Secret'.
This is like, my ultimate guilty pleasure. I crave it secretly and dare not speak it's name.

And yay for Yumi! There should be more of him. Really there should. I can't choose who to pair him with, but it there was a prompt for him, it would have to be 'Seduction'.

And somehow all my prompts start with 's' interesting.
feeding on the corpse you left behind: kazegrinblood_crow on April 26th, 2010 07:19 am (UTC)
D'awww, thank you!! I have such a wide range when it comes to characters and pairings, so a lot of the time I feel like I must write crazy stuff that most people aren't into. So I'm glad to hear that you liked them, and that I had all your favorite boys :D

Now the second prompt is coming to me so I'll be doing that one first, and then the others once inspiration hits me :)


It was their skeleton in the closet, so to speak -- his acceptance of her dominant power whenever they were alone, yowling and hissing and groaning every time that her powerful hips would cant over him, working his lean body for all its worth; with little consideration for what he thought (or wanted) -- probably because she knew he enjoyed it, fucking loved it, especially when she'd close her delicate hands over his throat, as a threatening prelude to the possibility of actually dying mid-fuck; their secret, and his hatred, because he really couldn't stand that the self-righteous bitch dwarfed him so easily -- and that's why every time he saw her after she'd spent him, he tried his fucking damnedest to cut her viridian-haired head clean from her shoulders.
Butterz: Colour |Stock|butterflygirl_3 on April 26th, 2010 07:35 am (UTC)
It's way too hard to have an OTP in Bleach. There are too many links between the characters to exploit. I definately loved them. They were awesome. ♥~

Bwargh. That was amazing. I have so never thought about Nel like that, because she spends so much time being cute or in her child form, but she's a fighter, so it fits her so well! He total ass-owning dominance over Nnoi would definately extend like that to the bedroom. And I secretly think Nnoitra doesn't mind as much as he pretends. ;) Love eet. *o*

Can't wait to see what else you come up with!
(Deleted comment)
feeding on the corpse you left behind: kaze-fucking-shiniblood_crow on April 27th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
My day was utter crap too D: And unfortunately I had nothing to brighten it... wait, that isn't true. Your nice comment made me feel better :)

Originally I thought that one sentence challenges would be really difficult (and in a way they still are) but I have so much doing them. They've become a favorite pastime, and it's so much easier to get a point across like a kick jab than to try writing an entire fic.

May or may not get my toes a'tappin? Don't you know that I totally ship Kira/Yumichika with the heat of a thousand suns!! XDD
(Deleted comment)
feeding on the corpse you left behind: kaze-fucking-shiniblood_crow on April 27th, 2010 08:14 pm (UTC)
The fun thing about the bleach_muses community is that we don't tell anyone what pairing to write. They'll make a post, and then in the comments anyone (who's a part of the comm) can put one word as a pairing. And then whoever else feels like it will respond to the prompt, with a ship and idea of their choice :) So it's always a pleasant surprise to see what people come up with. I totally ship Kira/Yumi so my sentences were of my own free will! :D

LOL! 'omgwtfbbq' made me laugh XD

Yes indeed. It's a new day and my moods better, so I hope yours is too. Thank you!
feeding on the corpse you left behindblood_crow on April 27th, 2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
put one word as a prompt* not a pairing, haha.